Last chance to stop the road closure

Posted: 31-10-2018

Bristol City Council have decided to proceed with their proposed closure of the through route between All Hallows Road and Albion Road – closing the section which passes under the railway bridge – which will have the effect of pushing motor traffic into a lengthy detour through neighbouring residential streets, creating congestion, delays, increased pollution and possible road safety issues on several of Easton’s narrow streets.

In order to make this closure the Council is required to apply for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). They are obliged to post the application publicly and to hear any objections to its proposals within 21 days.

The TRO notice was posted on 25th October and so, if you have objections to these changes, then you have until 16th November 2018 to submit your objections to the Council.

– You can see a PDF of the Council’s TRO application notice here: TRO-Notice.pdf

There are many, many compelling reasons why this road closure is a bad idea, to say nothing of the questionable nature of the formal consultation process that has given rise to it. Unfortunately there are a very limited number of grounds upon which it is possible to challenge a TRO, largely confined to procedural failings in fulfilling the consultation and due consideration aspects of the process. Alas, simply demonstrating the supreme folly of the idea isn’t likely to get it revoked.

For this reason we have decided to make an objection letter template available (you can download this below). This letter has been carefully considered so that it directly addresses the applicable grounds upon which we can legitimately challenge the TRO.

If you wish your objection to have any hope of making an impact then we would suggest you modify this template letter with your own name and address (as indicated in the document) and send it to the Council before 16th November.

Objection letter template

Use this link to save a copy of the letter: TRO-objection-letter.docx

(please do not attempt to open this Word document directly from this web page, but save a copy and edit off-line. To save, right-click on the link and use ‘Save target’).

Send the letter either by post to:

Highways Service (100TS)
PO Box 3176
Bristol BS3 9FS

or you can submit your objection via email to:

[email protected]

Open Letter to Easton’s Councillors
We have also written a letter for the attention of Easton’s councillors, questioning why this action is going ahead when we had been led to understand that the Easton Safer Streets project and its proposed road closures had been abandoned. Despite overwhelming community opposition we are still about to face the disruption and potential negative consequences that will follow from this closure. The Councillors should be aware that the community will hold them to account for these consequences.

Click here to read the open letter to councillors in PDF format.