Terrace houses Easton Bristol


Update 12-11-2017: The goalposts move!

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been acting on information provided to us by the council themselves that there was going to be a final decision made by local councillors on 10th Nov. Now that seems to have changed.

We now hear that the meeting date has been moved – we don’t know the new date. We also hear that the meeting will now be considering the issues, rather than making a final decision.

This runs counter to the information formally stated to us previously by both one of the councillors involved and one of the council’s own officers directing the project.

They may have moved the goalposts, but they’re still going to make a final decision about this sooner or later, and probably not that much later.

Contact your councillors directly
While these developments take some of the immediate pressure off, anyone who is concerned should still consider contacting their local councillors directly to make their feelings known. It’s essential that as many people as possible do this, to ensure that councillors fully appreciate the strength of local feeling about these plans. We’ve set up a page to enable you to email your councillors with a pre-formatted email message – you can find this page by clicking here.

Read our briefing report sent to councillors
Ahead of this meeting we have sent each councillor a report detailing some of the most serious concerns that our research has raised, both about the consultation procedures that have brought us to this point and the likely consequences for the area of proceeding with these deeply flawed proposals. You can read this report by clicking here (PDF file).