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What is Easton Voice?

Road Closures. Traffic Flow Changes. Parking Restrictions.
There are some big changes being proposed for Easton. Do we really want them? Easton Voice was set up to find out what the people who live in Easton really think about this scheme.

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Urgent News Update 12-11-2017: We’ve been getting some confused messages from the council about the ‘decisive’ meeting that was supposed to take place on Friday 10th November. This meeting has now been rescheduled – we don’t know the new date – and now we’re also being told that they won’t be making a final decision at this time. This runs counter to the information previously provided by one of the local councillors themselves and one of the council’s officers directing the project. On the plus side, this does mean that we should continue to make our feelings known about the plans. If you’re concerned about these plans please click here to learn more about what YOU can do …

Read our briefing report sent to councillors
We have recently sent each councillor a report detailing some of the most serious concerns that our research has raised, both about the consultation procedures that have brought us to this point and the likely consequences for the area of proceeding with these deeply flawed proposals. You can read this report by clicking here (PDF file).

Bristol City Council are proposing significant changes to Easton including permanent road closures, altering traffic flow and extensive parking restrictions. The Council’s stated purpose is to reduce car use and make more of Easton’s residents take up walking or cycling to go about their daily business. That may sound like a noble ambition but it will seriously inconvenience many of us.

The Council’s plans for Easton are already at quite an advanced stage.

There are many in Easton who feel these changes will have a negative impact upon our daily lives. We feel there was insufficient effort made to consult the area’s residents when devising this plan. We feel the plan is trying to create a problem primarily to gain grant funding.

If you are unaware of this scheme we urge you to learn more about it (click here to see our detailed response) and share your views.

Please tell us what YOU think: Complete our online survey questionnaire (click here)

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Easton Voice is a community group formed to establish whether those who live in this area really want these huge changes and to provide residents with a way to express their opinions to Bristol City Council.

The founding members of Easton Voice are not just a bunch of selfish car drivers. Many of us are already active pedestrians and cyclists, with children at local schools, but nevertheless we are concerned by the potential wider impact and consequences that this scheme will have upon the area.